Company Profile

Sonu Travels is in the travel industry for more than two decade and is serving the clientele around the earth every hour. Stretching their legs to flight, hotel, rail and car rentals, have served clients with the best feasible solutions for travel.

Who Are We?

Sonu Travels is one of the leading tour operators in Kolkata, providing comprehensive services for individuals to and from the country. Over its 22 years of the establishment has served thousands of clients and hence one can expect cordial reception.

Strong associations with luxury and budget travel partners and hotels across the country enable us to outsource best services to our client. Our team is quite prompt in replying to our customers and help them in suggesting and booking the facilities at our platform.

Our Motto:

Client Satisfaction:

Our primary motto is to build a close-knit network of travelers from various corners of the globe. Our company has served more than 100,000 satisfied clients till date and is framing travel diaries for new clients.

We pride ourselves in creating milestones in customer satisfaction as a large percentage of bookings are sourced through repeated clients while the most of the new clients are rooted through word of mouth recommendation and positive reviews on our websites.


For hassle-free travel our executives provide professional client oriented consultation. Our travel consultants are professional, experienced and friendly in accommodating the seasoned or frequent travelers and the ones who are new to the travel of world.

We strive hard for perfection in sending email reminders for prompt booking and convenience and handy information.


An excellent reputation for quality, value and personal services through research and comprehensive database backed up by extensive experience of 22 years in the travel industry. Our executives and agents travel to the places on a regular basis. In search of shortest routes possible through various modes and inspect new properties along with the older ones undergone renovation.

This is one of our unique traits as it helps us in meeting the client's needs and make us an expert in our consultation services.


With best of our capabilities and a travel service companies for international airline, rail and hotel booking services in Kolkata, we not only offer competitive prices to our clients and provides the maximum flexibility and choices too.

Our Specialized Services:

Flight Booking: We specialize in low and cheap booking fares for domestic and international travels. With our policy for zero consultation fees have been a boon for the people for different strata of society. Our customers can reach us for group, business and individual bookings too.

Hotels: Our kitty of hotels in different seasons is quite big to explore. Hotels have their establishments in offbeat locations and the seasonal ones we have last minute reservations too, for our customers.

Rail Reservations: Many destinations can only be conquered through rail travels. But never worry with us as we are pioneer players in getting reserved seats for you.

Car Rentals: Our car rental services in Kolkata city helps in moving from one place to another entirely feasible for you. We have budgeted as well as a luxurious trope of cars to serve you at the reception of hotels and airports.

Holiday packages: Our tailor-made, as well as readymade itineraries, will help you in planning your holidays in various lengths and breadths of the world. We have itineraries ranging from low to high budget to accommodate our clients from various parts of the world.

Sonu Travels have catered the world with their services and digging deep in giving their customers the essence of luxury and comfortable stay and travel.