Best Travel Agency in Kolkata

Sonu Travels understands that travelling is an experience that should make people come alive. Taking a trip to their favourite destinations may make a cut in people’s pockets but it must render itself a fulfilling journey or else why would anyone take the pain to go the distance and spend the money? But what if there exists a travel agency that offers the best holiday packages in Kolkata with amazing hotel bookings and online flight bookings in Kolkata?

At, travelers, families and friends find their perfect dream holiday packages. We have something for everyone. Even for those who are marked by the sense of nostalgia and charm of travelling in railways, we offer some of the best services and prices for railway tickets in Kolkata.

We don’t just say we are the best travel agency in Kolkata but we also deliver on this claim. We are committed to turning our customers’ dream holiday into a reality. Affordable or luxury hotels, adventurous or cozy holidays, popular or exclusive destinations; our customers name it and we make it happen for them! We offer special consulting services for our customers seeking travel advice on how to plan their holidays while controlling their spending and not compromise on the experience. With best prices for hotel bookings in Kolkata, we at Sonu Travels take care of all the individualistic demands our customers may have when choosing a desired hotel stay. We make it easy for our customers to choose from only the best flight bookings available in Kolkata as they browse through our catalogue online and experience the service of the best travel agency in Kolkata.

Whatever our customers need, we are committed to provide! Their demand is our command and we work hard to deliver nothing but the best.

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